Did you know that ideas bounce?

They do. Really!

Joseph Potvin

As co-founding Executive Director of Xalgorithms, Joseph is responsible for oughtomation system design, theoretical research and use case integration. His 30-year career in applied economics and free/libre/open informatics involved inventive business analysis and design for companies, governments, multilaterals and foundations.

Don Kelly

Don Kelly is a full-stack systems designer and developer who leads oughtomation technical specifications and implemenation, and coaches the developer community. Don is a creative veteran programmer with experience in diverse projects at all layers including network, kernel, mobile, microservices, containers, data-oriented programming, and domain-specific languages.

William Olders

Drawing upon 30 years as the founding President and CTO of a firm that specializes in high-volume rule-based transaction processing for several of the world's largest banks, credit card companies and insurance firms, Bill serves as co-founding Chair of the Xalgorithms Foundation, providing technical guidance on tabular declarative programming methods.

Deja Newton

Deja has been contributing to Xalgorithims since the beginning of 2021, collaborating on Geographic Information System (GIS) data implementation in the Earth Reserve Assurance (ERA) design and communicating her journey and through blogs. Deja is an Environmental Planner and avid environmentalist.

Craig Atkinson

Since 2016, Craig has cultivated a novel model of global trade regulation - 'Trade Policy 3.0', enabled by 'an Internet of Rules' - arising through Xalgorithms' applied R&D. He has outlined its game-changing significance for trade and data governance in a series of articles in prominent publications, including for the London School of Economics, the World Economic Forum and the World Trade Organization.

Nhamo Mtetwa

Nhamo uses the right tools for the problem at hand. With a background in statistics, computing and computational intelligence honed from stints in both academia and the corporate world, he has gained an array of tools which include software development and analytics. He enjoys mentoring and working in teams

Ryan Fleck

Ryan has collaborated on Xalgorithms core technical development and testing since attending a 2018 event co-hosted by Xalgorithms and the Free Software Foundation. He had carried out end-to-end tests, and made an instructional video stepping through the functional sequence line-by-line to show others exactly how it works.

Amanda Sugiharto

Amanda contributed to Xalgorithms through the Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling at Northwestern University, where she initiated the creation of an agent-based model for the Earth Reserve Assurance (ERA) monetary anchor mechanism. She is currently a student at Northwestern University studying Statistics and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences (MMSS).

Danielle Derrick

Danielle is a Masters graduate from Simon Fraser University where she specialized in marine biodiversity and conservation and spatial analyses in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Danielle will be supporting the Earth Reserve Framework (ERA) from an ecological and GIS perspective, as well as contributing to the ERA framework through science communication and graphic illustration.

Calvin Hutcheon

Calvin has contributed conceptually, graphically, and technically in the product design, brand design and front end development spaces for Xalgorithms projects since mid-2019. Calvin is interested in free/libre/open source design processes, and is drawn to designing interfaces that accommodate the complexity of living relationships.

Stéphane Gagnon

Stéphane Gagnon is Associate Professor in Business Technology Management (BTM) at the Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO). From the inception of Xalgorithms Foundation he has provided formal academic guidance for research relating to theoretical concepts, computational methods, data standards, and practical use cases.

Jacob Kelter

Jacob is a PhD student in the combined computer science + learning sciences program at Northwestern University. He is broadly interested in using computational tools for exploring and modeling complex systems and for helping people learn about them. Since mid-2020 he has led the development of agent-based models to better understand various aspects of the Xalgorithms oughtomation system and Earth Reserve Assurance framework.

Will Conboy

Will Conboy is an Economics and Computer Science student at Northwestern University working on the agent based model of the Earth Reserve Assurance.

Keith Smith

Keith has served as a strategic business consultant for companies focusing on financial technology and distributed systems and contributes to Xalgorithms as a communications specialist. Keith is an experienced e-commerce marketer and an undergraduate student of advertising management at the University of Miami.

Ted Kim

Ted has been collaborating with Xalgorithms since 2020, mainly focussed on supporting the Earth Reserves Assurance by processing large volume of satellite data. He enjoys learning about new topics, especially concerning those that help describe what our world has been and is. He currently works for the Government of Canada.

The Foundation

Xalgorithms Alliance is a contract-based association of individuals and entities committed to fostering a free/libre/open way for anyone to easily discover and obtain factual knowledge of the rules that are in effect for, applicable to, and invoked by any circumstance at any given moment. We produce a general-purpose method to express normative data as a distinct class of data that can be published and instantaneously discovered and transmitted over the Internet, in a manner that is directly usable by non-specialized humans and machines, for any purpose, in any language. To this end, contributors jointly resource, conceptualize, create, document, promote, protect the required specifications, software and network services in alignment with free/libre/open licensing and principles.

Xalgorithms Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation operating globally from Ottawa, Canada. The sole purpose of the Foundation is to provide services to the Xalgorithms Alliance (XA). Each Xalgorithms Working Group convenes business, government, academic and/or not-for-profit organizations, as well as informal civil society communities and interested individuals, to solve a category of problem though use of the oughtomation method. The Foundation and its Working Groups are financed through Alliance membership fees and R&D donations. The Foundation's bylaws prohibit it from pursuing fee-for-service work for specific clients, although participating individuals and entities are at liberty to pursue related these market opportunties. They would do so independently of Xalgorithms Foundation.

Xalgorithms Foundation is itself a member of Xalgorithms Alliance, and is bound by the same contract as all other Alliance Members. Any Alliance Member may initiate, contribute to and coordinate project undertakings. The special role of Xalgorithms Foundation is to serve as the management coordinator and trustee for the Alliance, as its legal entity. In alignment with the purposes of the Alliance, the Foundation also manages copyright, trademark, patent issues, industrial design and/or other intellectual rights or information assets.