The Team

The ‘oughtomation’ method, and ‘an Internet of Rules’ were jointly conceived and operationalized by Joseph Potvin, Bill Olders and Don Kelly.

In the 1990s, Bill and Joseph independently and unknown to each other, conceptualized, planned, and developed elements of the 'oughtomation' method. In the following 25 years, Bill implemented his ideas in the private sector on mainframe systems for large financial institutions. Joseph implemented his ideas in the public sector, in part while leading an early free/libre user- controlled cloudlet system for high-performance distributed computing. Upon first meeting in late 2014, the two found their respective concepts so obviously synergistic that within a week they began dedicated collaboration on 100% free/libre and open source terms. Don Kelly brought four years of technical virtuosity and distributed system creativity, for a general purpose solution. The extensive experience of the core systems architects has been bolstered by a cognitively diverse team, with key contributors hailing from backgrounds in commerce, trade, art, and design.

Joseph Potvin

As co-founding Executive Director of Xalgorithms, Joseph is responsible for 'oughtomation' system design, theoretical research and use case integration. His 30-year career in applied economics and free/libre/open informatics involved inventive business analysis and design for companies, governments, multilaterals and foundations. His 'High Resilience Environment' design has hosted Canada's emergency response system for more than 15 years. Now completing a doctorate, he currently also leads two applied oughtomation projects: the Earth Reserve Assurance monetary anchor, and a business consortium for market- based metropolitan passenger rail finance.

Don Kelly

Don Kelly is a full-stack systems designer and developer who leads oughtomation technical specifications and implemenation, and coaches the developer community. Don is a creative veteran programmer with experience in diverse projects at all layers including network, kernel, mobile, microservices, containers, data-oriented programming, and domain-specific languages. Separately from his technical leadership with Xalgorithms Foundation, Don manages a software development team at a large e-commerce firm.

William Olders

In addition to serving as co-founding Chair of Xalgorithms, Bill provides technical guidance to the team on tabular declarative programming methods to achieve ultra-high-performance event-based computation. He draws upon 30 years as the founding President and CTO of a boutique firm that specializes in high-volume rule-based transaction processing for several of the world's largest banks, credit card companies and insurance firms.

Ryan Fleck

Ryan has collaborated on Xalgorithms core technical development and testing since attending a 2018 event co-hosted by Xalgorithms and the Free Software Foundation. He had carried out end-to-end tests, and made an instructional video stepping through the functional sequence line-by-line to show others exactly how it works. Ryan is currently a 3rd-year student of Computer Engineering at University of Ottawa, and has private-sector experience in systems migration.

Craig Atkinson

Since 2016, Craig has cultivated a novel model of global trade regulation - 'Trade Policy 3.0', enabled by an 'Internet of Rules' - arising through Xalgorithms' applied R&D. He has outlined its game-changing significance for data and trade governance in a series of articles in prominent publications, including for the World Economic Forum. A consultant with the United Nations for over eight years, Craig is the lead of the Xalgo4Trade Community Group of experts, stakeholders and contributors to 'rules as data' use cases for trade. He holds graduate degrees in international law, economics and development.

Calvin Hutcheon

Calvin has contributed to the Xalgorithms projects conceptually and graphically since mid-2019, integrating the core system and the suite of use cases into a portfolio identify system. Calvin is attracted to unique design challenges inherent in communicating complex themes in ways that reach people with simplified depth of meaning. Calvin is a recent graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a multidisciplinary degree spanning graphics, science, literature and politics.

Stéphane Gagnon

Stéphane Gagnon is Associate Professor in Business Technology Management (BTM) at the Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO). From the inception of Xalgorithms Foundation he has provided formal academic guidance for research relating to theoretical concepts, comuputational methods, data standards, and practical use cases. He has been instrumental in the development of the multi-campus Université du Québec's graduate program in project management, and is founding member of the Government Analytics Research Institute (GARI).Stéphane has also been a summer faculty member with Guizhou University and Tianjin University of Technology in China. His own research focus is in digital transformation and 'big data' analytics, applied to the financial services industry and public administration.